Gymnastics Courses

Tiny Tots (Age 2-3)

Tiny Tots is an introduction to both dance and gymnastics for children under three years of age. While using music, finger plays, hand-eye coordnation, and social interplay, students also begin to learn basic dance steps as well as gymnastics skills. They focus on spatial awareness, socialization, perceptual skills, balance and coordination builders. Parents are welcomed in the class but are encouraged to watch as children become more independent. When turning three years of age children usually graduate to a combo or pre gym class.

Pre Gym (Ages 3-5)

AADG programs are designed to motivate young children to mentally and physically explore their capabilities through developmental skills.  Children in these classes work on apparatus, skills and following instructions. Through fun with play, children are directed through obstacles, jumping, balancing, and rolling circuits.  

These classes aid in enhancing both social & physical motor skills that will prepare them for advancement in the world of gymnastics and more. You can be assured that the adult USAG certified coaches in our preschool program teach with patience, encouragement, energy and smiles.  


Shooting Stars (Ages 5-7) Level 1 & 2

Bronze (8-13) Level 1 & 2

As a sport, gymnastics is by far the only sport that excels a child over a broad range of skills. Each apparatus is designed to enhance a child physically in attaining skills such as speed, power and grace, coordination and flexibility. Besides the physical benefits, gymnasts experience mental strength such as attention to detail, desire, discipline, dedication and determination.  As your gymnast grows, so will their agility and confidence. These classes are designed around USAG recommendation of Olympic style gymnastics training.  Our USAG certified coaches will place each student by grade and skill level.

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Through fun, basic fundamentals of fitness and gymnastics, your child can go as far in gymnastics as their interest and ability permit them to go. And while growing as a gymnast and athlete, they will be developing life-long disciplines that
they can carry on in everything they do.

Tumbling Classes

Like gymnastic classes tumbling classes are becoming an essential part of training for a wide array of sports.  It helps one develop their power, agility, flexibility and spatial awareness.  Today, many traditional sports such as wrestling, diving, karate, soccer and football are finding that tumbling benefits the growth of all athletes a like.  Cheerleaders and dancers are finding that tumbling is an essential component in their success.

AADG classes are geared specifically toward the students who would like to learn and perfect their tumbling skills.  Using tumbling aids such as skill cushions, tumbling barrels, incline mats, gymnastics pits systems and trampolines you can be assured that your child will be skillfully trained by our USAG certified coaches while having fun.